Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lauren offers a variety of modalities of treatment based on her diagnosis such as standard acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, infrared heat, auricular acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, gua sha and facial rejuvenation. The initial treatment lasts 1.5 hours and subsequent treatments last 1 hour. At each visit, time is allotted to check in on the patient’s progress and address any concerns or questions. The tongue and pulses are checked as well. Then a treatment protocol is written out and the actual acupuncture treatment begins.

Standard Acupuncture

Lauren uses Chinese and Japanese needling techniques to work with the body’s meridians, or channels of energy, by needling points along the meridians, and “ashi” points, which are more sensitive places on the body. The thinnest needle is as thick as a human hair, and insertion is virtually painless. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, warmth or dull ache upon insertion. The needles stay in place 20-30 minutes. Along with standard acupuncture, the following modalities may be included.

Chinese herbs

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, therapeutic-grade herbs are mixed together to correct underlying imbalances in the body. Depending on your condition, they may be used alone or to reinforce acupuncture treatment. Lauren only uses herbal companies that produce formulas according to the highest standards of purity and potency, and adhere to rigorous Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Electro-Acupuncture (EA)

This technique involves attaching electrodes (wire clips) to the acupuncture needles once they have been inserted. An electric current is then passed through the needles to strengthen and alter the nature of stimulation. Lauren generally uses manual stimulation in most treatments, but EA is available, and has been shown to work well for treating pain and spasm, sciatica, paralysis and numbness.


Stationary cupping is a technique of using a cup/jar, creating a vacuum inside it by flame or suction and attaching it to the skin. Using glass jars allows the practitioner to see the degree of suction. The suction promotes the free flow of Qi and blood, dispels cold and dampness, and lessens pain and swelling. Stationary cupping can leave bruises or marks on the skin that will disappear after a few days. Moving cupping uses the same technique, but with oil or lotion applied to the skin. The suction is maintained while the cups are moved on the body producing a wonderful feeling of having a deep massage.

Gua Sha

This technique involves stimulating the skin with a round edged tool. After appling oil or lotion to the skin, the edge of a round tool (traditionally a spoon used for soup in China) is used to create friction with the skin in order to bring blood to the surface. The skin should redden quickly, but will return to its normal color within a few days. It can be used to effectively treat tight muscles, migraines, neck pain, stiffness, fever and chills, cough, nausea, and upper respiratory infections.

Infrared Heat

Infrared rays is an electron-wave which wavelength is no longer than visible ray and shorter than microwave. The infrared lamp is effective when deep heating of body tissue is desired. Beneficial effects include decreased joint stiffness, increased vasodilation, muscle spasm relief and reduced pain from ligamentous sprains and strains. It works by increasing the local circulation of blood, lymph and the activity of the nervous system.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a painless, non-invasive method of reducing the signs of the aging process. Sometimes referred to as an Acupuncture Facelift, it is more than a cosmetic procedure. It is a rejuvenation and revitalization process designed to help the whole body on a deeper level to look and feel younger. The whole treatment is based on the principles of Oriental Medicine. Standard acupuncture is used as well as specific facial, scalp, and auricular points. A typical treatment usually lasts 1.5 hours. There is an initial free 15 minute facial consultation.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture is a healthcare modality in which the external surface of the ear, or auricle, is stimulated to alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body. This correspondence of specific parts of the body  to specific parts of the ear was first developed in modern France, but was originally based upon the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. It is this integrated system of Chinese and Western practices of auriculotherapy that Lauren uses with her standard acupuncture treatments, as well as by itself as a detoxification method. It has been successfully used for smoking cessation, PTSD, alcohol and drug addiction, as well as for weight loss.

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