Detox/Weight Loss

In order to make room for the new, we need to release what no longer serves so we may be more fully available to life.


The goal of the cleansing program from a physical perspective is to:

  • Decrease  the toxin load on the GI tract, blood, liver,…
  • Give digestive organs a rest from our normal diet
  • Teach/create heathier, cleaner eating habits
  • Start from a “clean slate” or “fertile field” by resetting the diet
  • Address most health issues/illnesses
  • Serve as an annual “spring cleaning” for the body, mind and heart
  • Be a time to face and heal food issues/addictions
  • Create more self awareness of one’s body, feelings, thoughts, etc.
  • Provide a “turning point” experience of deep healing/clearing

The benefits of doing a detox program are as follows:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased allergies
  • Better digestion & elimination
  • Clearer thoughts
  • A more peaceful heart
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Mastery of food addictions
  • Healthier skin/improved physical appearance
  • Healthy blood sugar & cholesterol levels
  • Long-term healthier eating habits