First Visit

First Visit

You can expect:
~ To be listened to and heard
~ To be supported in your healing
~ Step by step, easy to understand explanations of what we’re doing
~ Compassionate, professional treatment
~ To learn new ways to nourish your overall wellness

                                     Discovery Call

Potential clients receive a complimentary 15-minute discovery call, where we discuss your needs and health and wellness goals. If you are good fit for either acupuncture, functional nutrition or both, we will schedule a free 60-minute consultation and assessment.    


Consultation & Assessment

This is a complimentary 60-minute consultation and assessment where Lauren thoroughly reviews your health history, including your present complaint, and your health and wellness goals. 

Lauren will do a thorough assessment which involves looking at your tongue (pre/post Covid-19) and taking your pulses. In Chinese medicine, the tongue and pulse are important diagnostic tools, along with observation and “palpation”. Palpation is feeling areas of the body for sensations — heat, cold, distention, swelling, etc. All the senses are used to make an accurate diagnosis. 


At this visit, Lauren will determine the best program for your needs and may make dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Here for you

Lauren also believes in educating people in how to take responsibility for their own health. Because she is committed to her patients’ overall health and vitality, she is as passionate about education as she is about acupuncture and functional nutrition. For best results, acupuncture and functional nutrition need to be part of a comprehensive wellness program.