“I feel that I am really taking care of myself by having regular acupuncture. My left ankle and foot that have been giving me problems for years, I rarely think about anymore since having acupuncture with Lauren. I also always feel the stress just melting away after a session with Lauren. It’s wonderful!” ~Rachel Casey, St. Helena, CA

“I am delighted with Lauren’s facial rejuvenation series. My skin is noticeably tighter and appears to have a more vibrant appearance, even after the first few treatments. The texture of my skin feels thicker and more youthful, as opposed to saggy. Now I can actually look into the mirror and not focus on the wrinkles!” ~Lee, Napa, CA

“For 2 weeks of being light-headed and having a loss of balance, I went to the doctor and had a blood panel. The results of the blood panel was that everything was fine. I was still staggering around so I decided to try acupuncture. Three days after I saw Lauren I was back to my normal self and celebrated by making a large batch of cookies.” ~Virginia Tuechert, St. Helena, CA (age 93)

“After receiving acupuncture with Lauren, my body feels an immediate increased level of energy. It also brings an overall feeling of balance and calm. A good augmentation to a wellness program with stress reduction.” ~Jodi Earls, Yoga Instructor, Lifestyle Coach, St. Helena, CA

“I have had sinus congestion and red eyes due to allergies for the past 15 years. After 3 acupuncture treatments with Lauren my congestion and eye redness are completely gone. I also did the 21 day purification program, lost 8 pounds, and have more energy than I have had in years. I have maintained my weight and have continued with healthier eating habits.” ~Miguel Irula, Maintenance Manager, Angwin, CA

“Thanks to working with Lauren, my wrists and hands have improved to the point that I can actually write rather than type without pain. On my vacation, I was able to use my hands and fingers to do the handiwork I enjoy. My ankles and shins have loosened up so I can walk more than 20 minutes pain free as opposed to having to stop every 100 yards in the past. Having more mobility in my ankles has made a huge difference in my life since I enjoy being active. Also, did I mention that acupuncture with Lauren is very relaxing?” ~Brian Atkins, Volunteer Firefighter, Public Safety Officer, Angwin, CA

“I completed the 21 day cleanse program with Lauren with much success. My overall health and, in particular, my digestion have improved immensely. Also, I lost 10 pounds and have altered my diet for the long-term so as not to have gained any weight back. I am thrilled!” ~S.P., Winery Owner, Calistoga, CA

“After learning about facial rejuvenation through acupuncture, I was very intrigued. At 54, I long to age gracefully and as naturally as possible. I am delighted to have found Lauren and have completed my 12 week session with her. Not only have I noticed an enhanced tone to my skin as well as a minimizing of fine lines and a healthy glow, but the unexpected benefit was the overall sense of well-being and deep relaxation. I enjoyed during and after each session. Lauren is dedicated to her patients and practice. She is consistently enhancing her knowledge of healing principles through research and advanced coursework. Facial rejuvenation has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself and the benefits will continue for many years to come.”  ~ Marilyn Asmuth, St. Helena

“I just completed the facial rejuvenation series with Lauren. She is fantastic to work with, very sensitive, peaceful and accommodating to the issues I wanted to address. My complexion is brighter, my overall skin tone is more even and my brown spots have faded. I am very happy with the whole experience. It was also incredibly relaxing.” ~ Latife Hayson, Realtor, St. Helena, CA

“I look forward to my treatments with Lauren. I have had an undiagnosed condition for over six years now that has not responded to Western medicine. Through Lauren’s caring, gentle, kind manner and her expertise, my body is responding favorably to acupuncture. I appreciate how Lauren is treating my conditions through the integration of body, mind and spirit.” ~ L.B., Bookkeeper, St. Helena, CA